the cute one

Was given a name by parent as Siti Asmah Bt Ab Aziz,was born in Kg.Gertak no.3 17200 Rantau Panjang kelantan (mek klate), Juz turn to 21 (today 18june 1987).Still a student,juz finish diploma in science computer, julai will continue doing degree in AI (artificial intelligent) (now part time worker as programmer in Techmedia computers System).

I’m kind da proper girlz, da most important I’m a kampung girl (he3).Mix blood (Chinese + Malay),I’m a Muslim(in practice, have 2 learn lots more), Malaysian(love d country so much).

Now in ipoh (kerja).love ipoh so much… juz nice to live,got everything but not too crowded as KL. love to make a friendz, now in relationship (he3) his name is “Z……”.love to watch movie especially after after work, love cat so much.

I juz like d other girlz… love too hang out, shop,love to bowl. one more thing love Chinese food so much, roll (Japanese’s food),love chocolate so much (chocolate holick),can’t stand wit spicy food, don’t like curry


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