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Gula Girlz


Leceh tul

Don’t know wht 2 do…. plz help me (mati kebosanan cam ni…).last night sleep early coz fell very tired(nothin 2 do). Pas jer abis btlkan VB, dr pg samapai ke ptg merayap kat ternet (wht a boring day). plz give me sometine to do (beg u all).

This morning come to office straight away read the offer letter with all the “syarat they want”. Read how to apply PTPTN. pas 2 read all d documents needed for the registration nanti.banyak tul la.
Prob g??? maner ku nak cekup salary cert entah la. Pas 2 maner nak dapat approvement for all d documents.”ponin gua cam ni”. MUET cert x g ambik g kat Uitm (wa…..)


Cybernetic Individual Trained for MultiTask

Get Yor Cyborg Now


One ship sails East,
And another West,
By the self-same winds that blow,
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales,
That tells the way we go.

“Silver Skies”

she floats like a happy white dove
lost in voids between the crowds
all she saw was bright lights
and much brighter ones..
ferriswheels and fancy horses prancing in one circular orbit
they’ve got no where else to go
we are all under the stars we adore but can’t reach
she wondered if she’s in a trance
everybody disappeared, everything in the fair was all hers to enjoy
suddenly small drops of water appeared from the sky
nothing could have been better than dancing around in the rain
“when the shine of all stars have gone,
i am still here,” she said to herself.
but she lay motionless on the ground
with memories, she lived..
she’s still living..

I was accepted to……

don’t know it was a good news or not…
I was accepted to Uitm Shah Alam to do Bachelor’s in Artificial intelligent. D day i get the offer latter, fell very exited, happy. read the offer letter and they said collage was excluded.
keep thinking where i’m gone stay????headache, but my senior say “normally they give collage for d 1’st semester “, hope so.

Still don’t apply for loan or scholarship ( kene kautim cepet2 ni ). still waiting for the letter from my sis (real offer letter). Fess is about RM600+ medical checkup + fuel +housing renting = ????. This is the main prob now….huh….sure d life maintainable tinggi “Shah Alam”.

Hope everything will be ok…got 2 finish degree in 2 years ( Have 2). Work 4 that ct. Jgn sampai jadi cam diploma ” result very disappointed “. Pray to god “Please give me your bless”,”give strength to complete my study “

Done Everything myspace graphic comments
Myspace Funny Picture Comments

Made it ( read ,write and store data using VB6 ). Everything done i think. Now have no idea what i’m going to do (PM not here some more).Still remember the first day got his task,think i’m not going to make it (look impossible… cos never ever done this b4).But i still keep it on,keep study n keep doin. Alhamdullilah this thing show some improvement and at last it worked. Still got one prob to solve (can’t get the word code from d reader).

Still don’t know what to do. So i wrote some post 4 my blog (juz don’t want to waste d time) try to make it attractive. Know what? Suha also start decorate her blog nak lawan ker suha (want na fight??? he3)