Monthly Archives: February 2012

in the edge of 25

A few years just pass, I’m 25 now already graduated and working with one of the bank. This is the 5th work since was graduated on June 2010 as intelligent system bachelor holder “job hopper”.
1. Status turn to single
2. Position analyst programmer
3. Property none
4. Dept a lot “my ptptn”
5. Will be doing, no idea except follow work routine
My workday’s routine:-
1. wake up at 7 am, take bath … get dress blab la blab la
2. Walk to LRT, reach office around 8.30am
3. Work, problem 3X
4. Go back 6.15++pm
5. Sleep at 11.00pm
6. Same thing repeat every day ….what a bored life….
Thinking of what have been trough, sometime fell the destiny over test me, make a joke of me, so pathetic am I ?
Just miss the old time, do not have to think over a problem so much. No commitment, no frustration less responsible. Just wish the time can be turn back.