No idea what to do

The most bored day ever during this semester (11may2009). woke up at 11 something..then went for final year presentation….lot of thing to see nag to hear and 2 learn…. (using fuzzy,neuro,case base)…thing lots of reading to do,to discover……

nothing in my head now…..thinking of nothing….some kind of weird thing to do :-D, normally thinking of something,studying,n d most pressure thing is tried to finish up some project especially do the coding. and once u fulfill that,it gave u satisfaction.showing the result from your hard work….your hard work is worthies…

today think doing nothing…juz surfing the internet,chat with friend,update my blog…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. any body could give me a hand.give  me a help….”tell me what should i do”…but b4 this think a want this moment…and once u get it…it become like this…”human never satisfied”..alway have something in the mind. and hre i’m..updating my blog try to end up this bored day. hurmmmm



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