Monthly Archives: October 2008

confuse ????

should i bcome people want me 2 be or choose my own??? i get confuse when think of it.
i don’t want 2 hurt anyone around me, but in d end i’m the one who get hurt. try my hard to make all the thing around me stay perfect. it burden me a lot….. i’m trying hard… so hard…sometime fell so tired 2 keep it “OK”.
this people say this, tht people say tht… which one i should do???? i’m not a puppet,i’m not a robot…i have a felling, when people hurt me, i’ll get hurt…..i’m not immune being hurting. they trying 2 manipulate me, try 2 control me ( hate tht so much…. hate being control ).
or may be it juz my felling….sometime jalousie appearer to a person who really know wht they they did it….
tell me which one should i do