my12 hour sleep

At last got my 12hour sleep… last few days mmg giler tdo lewat jer memanjang…. lots of thing 2 do… 2 moorow got test(AI) Ip test was cancel yesterday…QMT ??? blur habis(X fhm waaa…….)sakng in lib to study n at d same time take time to post my blog(he3).

penat giler la. 2 nite have 2 stay up study (AI) thougt want 2 follow echa (firework putra jaya). tp don’t think so la bayak bender nak buat.

My ptptn agreement done. know wht happen tht day (fasting tht day) n my number 392. got 2 wait thre till 7.30pm to be call. and break my fasting axcetly  in front of the table(7.30). so tired tht day…..balik dlm pukul 8 lebih. imagine from morning till 8 (siap attend class lagi nak unggu no giliran) sound ridiculous… counter slow giler ari 2.


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