my public speaking

2 day doing my public speaking…. very nervous(. i speak about “Green tea”…. doing my speech on 5 something in BK14. Still got to do slots of study in public speaking… it’s is not the best.Got 2 work more… go2 ct.

i’m the last speaker for 2today, first speaker is sufi(mars planet),2nd  firdaus(how to choose a house),3rd yana (heart breaking syndrome), 4th sheila (feng sui),5th adilah (olimpic game),6th su (blog),7th kimah (Adult abuse), and i’m the last person who speak for today…. today i think i’m doing well compared to previous presentation . LAst time it was suck, very bad. wish can redo it againt.

i feel so free after finish my speech, fell like no more burden in my shoulder. but you know what was going on before the presentation? the night before presentation, i went to library to find some material(stay from 5.30pm till 9pm) after finish all the research and make a few reading in that topic, after that try to do the text for the presentation but it just the introduction,sleep at 12.30am. thought want 2 wake up on 2am but poor;y i can’t make it. woke up  for subuh prayer after that don’t sleep to finish the text. luckily can finish it before 9.30(Thanks god). and may be luck in my side ip class was cancel  at 8.30 if not i’m dying.

after system class went back to hostel, take some lunch and went back to the room…. have a chat with narma and echa… after that make a bit of preparation for the presentation. attend AI class then after that it is the time waiting for (presentation).

thanks to allah… i haven’t done a well preparation but the presentation was not as bad as before. without help from him, i;m sure i can’t finish it…..


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