dia ajar aku sesuatu

He teach me a lot…. thank u so much. he gave me something that i never fell b4,show me something that i never seen b4, teach me something that haven’t learn b4. he keep telling me which one is d right way . He show me d beautiful of life (b4 this almost forget about), beautiful of lov3 that never belief on. thanks for let me learn this from u………

He teach me something that i can’t learn from any collage. He teach me what i have to belief on,teach me who’s d great, teach me what is tears for? what cheer 4?, learn a lot from him. thanks for teaching me……….

Sometime it make thinking 4 a while…. why i have to meet him? why i have to know him? why i have to talk with him? why he have to appear in my life?????? this is my big question mark “why”. Everything is changing…. wht i live 4, wht is my target,attitude, even my heart (changing), start to losing everything that i belief b4.

Is he my prince? come and pick me up from my dark life (like d fairy tale story…..) and living happy ever after…..is he???? his d one i love? his d one I’m waiting 4? is he going to be my everything? somebody please tell me….please give me the answer….

But i know, i never regret why i meet him? why i know him? why i talk to him? and now i know, i’m learning something him. his d one i love…….


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