Leceh tul

Don’t know wht 2 do…. plz help me (mati kebosanan cam ni…).last night sleep early coz fell very tired(nothin 2 do). Pas jer abis btlkan VB, dr pg samapai ke ptg merayap kat ternet (wht a boring day). plz give me sometine to do (beg u all).

This morning come to office straight away read the offer letter with all the “syarat they want”. Read how to apply PTPTN. pas 2 read all d documents needed for the registration nanti.banyak tul la.
Prob g??? maner ku nak cekup salary cert entah la. Pas 2 maner nak dapat approvement for all d documents.”ponin gua cam ni”. MUET cert x g ambik g kat Uitm (wa…..)


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