I was accepted to……

don’t know it was a good news or not…
I was accepted to Uitm Shah Alam to do Bachelor’s in Artificial intelligent. D day i get the offer latter, fell very exited, happy. read the offer letter and they said collage was excluded.
keep thinking where i’m gone stay????headache, but my senior say “normally they give collage for d 1’st semester “, hope so.

Still don’t apply for loan or scholarship ( kene kautim cepet2 ni ). still waiting for the letter from my sis (real offer letter). Fess is about RM600+ medical checkup + fuel +housing renting = ????. This is the main prob now….huh….sure d life maintainable tinggi “Shah Alam”.

Hope everything will be ok…got 2 finish degree in 2 years ( Have 2). Work 4 that ct. Jgn sampai jadi cam diploma ” result very disappointed “. Pray to god “Please give me your bless”,”give strength to complete my study “


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