My Glory Day

so happy 2day….. want na know why???
d task been given dah stale. even never do that b4 still can make the code success (read data from reader, write data to log file and sore data in sql dBase using VB6)
but still have some code that need to be modify (the way it was write kind da improper ) boss said add if statement still hold it(x try g)

It takes 1 week to study n finish d task…really tension till i have breathing problem…it was suck,depress,tension . But when everything done, fell so enjoy,satisfied,more than word to explain the fell (he3).PM cakap “belagak la 2”.I’m not saying anything, his d one who say that(huahahaha)

Ni ngah curi2 post ke blog he3 .Mentang2 la keje dah beres
Now farhan have 2 develop system 2, cross his job scope (he is d designer). “Padan muke dia”
First time tgk dia balik lambat, coz he have to finish the task b4 that. huahahah big laugh for him.


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