17 june close 2 18june

17 june 2008

A day b4 my birthday…been waiting 2 celebrate so long. don’t know wht d surprise they gone make tonite….janji bkn somethin stupid dah, but have not 2 worry bout it la… they not going to do somethin redicilious.

Today i can’t even open my eyes, so exhausted. last night went to KK. Reach home about 4.30am, then ain lock d room, so yan n me have to sleep kat ruang tamu,day of unfortunate…..

Pagi ni x sedar aper… zakwan sms pon x sedar… pengsan dho.
Anyway best of luck 4 d driving test Mohd Zakuwan Bin mohd Tambidzi bin addullah bin ismail.Don’t make anymistake tau…

Last night know lots of people, eat till full,fell like bloody full….sampai raser cam nak termuntah… like revenge 4 day break…


One response to “17 june close 2 18june

  1. i have read ur bloq…thanx alot my love…luv u so much…

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